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Traveling a path together is often mastered by dividing up tasks and responsibility: USP Leadership Experts feel connected by their scientific curiosity and their shared leadership philosophy. This is how we make room for individual strengths and personal focal points. The diversity of unique individuals creates a signature work approach.

Specialist expertise and strategic all-rounders

Every USP consultant is trained in the USP diagnostics solutions and instruments, and in our development programs. Development – both personal and professional – is what drives us. We feel connected by our scientific curiosity in the context of leadership, our desire for professional growth, and our shared leadership philosophy. We create the necessary space to accommodate internal and external professional development. Our personal specialties allow us access to a wide breadth and depth of competencies. Thus we invest our creative energy, additionally as the ones who are responsible for the topics, in the product design and in the company’s strategic direction, guided by the motto:

A Tide Lifts All Boats





USP Leadership Experts work in English and German. You will find additional languages in the profiles of individual Leadership Experts.

One direction, one message, one team

Aside from the shared growth and the unmistakable USP Leadership signature as results of this intense cooperation, we achieve an additional wonderful effect: our team identifies itself with a clear, shared direction.