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About us

USP Leadership Experts are coaches and consultants with management experience and a background in personnel and organizational development. Our specialty is customized leadership diagnostics and leadership development. We rely on our team spirit that we intentionally apply to the benefit of our customers.

USP Leadership Management

Leadership can be divided in order to achieve a greater whole. The team of those responsible for topics such as leadership diagnostics and leadership development, as well as strategic and team processes, and customer service, augment the core of the company and its management team.[WW1]  We invest our energy to the benefit of all stakeholders.

Carmen Klann has the additional focus of diagnostics, and she challenges colleagues and customers to design pragmatic, success-oriented potential analyses and transfer practices. Because of her explicit experience in corporate HR, she is on the one hand familiar with all aspects of HR, and on the other has a keen eye for standardizations, big picture solutions, and quick turnaround. Within the USP management team, she is the counterpart to her executive director partner, Petra Schulte.

Gerhard Liska provides depth to leadership competencies and leadership programs, develops new instruments and work approaches, in order to lend current leadership techniques more leverage and sustainability. Whether with an individual or an organization – his level-headed, mindful, integrity-inspiring approach intensifies every step of his work.

Angela Maaßen brings breadth and depth of experience into the realm of team and strategy development. With passion, pragmatism, and high standards for ethical and financial success, she guides internal USP processes with just as much focus as she does projects, programs, and workshops with our customers.

Petra Supper is the backbone of the organization when it comes to the cohesion of our agreements, the management of all contractual responsibilities, and the result-oriented handling of our internal and external relations.  

Petra Schulte contributes, as founder and owner of USP, to acquiring, designing, and implementing our projects. She is passionate about in-depth diagnostics and intense discourse that foster organizational learning as a result of personal development, and about the life-long connection that is formed among people by trust-building programs that create “growth spurts“ for individuals and their organization.

USP Leadership Experts

Our team of experts consists of experienced diagnosticians, personnel and organizational developers, who determine the quality and direction of USP. Seasoned consultants engage in intense exchanges of ideas to develop leadership competencies and diagnostic instruments that they apply collectively for the customer’s success.

We design internal professional development and know-how-transfers in order to increase our leadership expertise, and we define quality standards that apply to us all. USP Leadership Experts research leadership topics and publish their findings to share them with customers and colleagues alike.