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360 Degree Feedback

You think that you know what your colleagues and customers think of you – but you aren’t sure? Having a firmly rooted, shared understanding of leadership is highly valued, and you are looking for a way to make visible the competencies at hand or new principles of leadership?


Whether for managers, key players, or for the company’s entire upper management level – with the 360 Degree Feedback, you will gain all relevant perspectives necessary to define the status quo and to make the target apparent. When the 360 Degree Feedback fits your overall concept, your spectrum of competencies, your main criteria – in short, your needs – you will create with it a comprehensive foundation for the development of specific individuals and of your entire company. The leadership behavior, the leadership culture, and the specific behavior in particular functions are translated into everyday terms by the 360 Degree Feedback.


Target groups

The USP Leadership Experts Approach

The 360 Degree Feedback’s success is rooted in the questionnaire that is perfectly customized to fit your situation. USP Leadership Experts specialize in defining the criteria and observable behaviors that are necessary to reach your goals.

Together, we develop with you the feedback catalogue and follow-up process that ideally support your overall concept and competence profile.

The aim and the cause determine the instrument

You decide which objective you are aiming for: get feedback regarding the behavior that is critical to your managers’ success in more effectively fulfilling your company’s vision. Place future-oriented leadership competencies in the spotlight in order to guide your employees through change well, or to transform the leadership culture in your company. Elaborate on sales competencies in order to support the achievement of your sales organization’s goals.

Both the giver of feedback as well as the feedback recipient experience hands-on which professional behavior is desired and supports the company’s success.

The analysis tool for the individual as a starting place for the company

Applying 360 Degree Feedback to entire departments delivers valuable insights into leadership culture and the patterns that influence your company. Practically with the push of a button, it can be shown where you need to focus your attention if you truly want to achieve a change of behavior.