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Group and Team Coaching

You are looking for an experience-based and enjoyable developmental format for your management, something that both individually and at the group level allows for long-lasting learning experiences and thus further development?


Group coaching connects the individual, personal development of a single leader with group dynamics-based reflective and work processes. Thus is created a learning environment characterized by trust and caring openness, one that carries along both the individual and the group. USP Leadership Coaches like to speak of the “magic“ of Group Coaching.



Target Groups

Ideal for all levels of management

The USP Group Coaches Approach

USP Group Coaches question the self-perception of participants based upon their impressions and values with the aim of reflecting upon functional and obstructive thought and behavior patterns. The group serves in equal parts as sounding board and resource. USP Leadership Coaches consider group coaching to be a matter of the heart, and they invest the full extent of their energy and their highest level of skill in each and every group.

The Connection between Human Resources and Organizational Development

A Group Coaching is an intense, multiple module development program that builds upon itself over the course of 6 – 12 months. The curriculum is defined jointly by HR and top management.

Modular Structure with Curriculum

An effective kick-off module sets the stage, hones in on the aim, and creates committed buy-in from the participants. This is followed by 4 to 6 content-based modules that last 2.5 to 3 days each. A final workshop focused on ensuring transfer rounds out the success of the Group Coaching and anchors the results in the participants’ everyday leadership.

Central Components

Often a Group Coaching is precipitated by a potential analysis in order to identify specific learning and development topics. State of the art practices for this are in-house Development Centers or 360° Feedback processes.

Group or Team: Team Coaching as a Special Challenge

Teams with specific topics that have a concrete work focus and are active for the top management of an organization want to work on their direction and their conflicts. Team Coaching places great value on them gaining greater depth of trust, and on substantially increasing the overall effectiveness of their team.


Group Coaching develops managers individually while drawing on the group’s resources. This makes possible a long-lasting network amongst the managers, and solid development of a shared, lived-out leadership culture.

Team Coaching has a positive impact on the overall work environment and increases results within a shared work context.