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Hintergrund Portraitfoto von Petra Schulte

Petra Schulte

Managing Partner

Personal Background

My early studies initiated my passion for systemic family therapy. From there on, my focus widened continuously – from the analysis of the individual’s drives and preferences, my interest grew to gain a deeper understanding of the mechanics and the hidden magic of organizations. Whereas my curiosity for people‘s motives and individual life paths formed my professional approach, I always ask myself: When is his life the real life, the self-chosen alternative above all others? How and where does a person apply energy and attention in order to create and realize successful strategies?

The efforts of each individual impacts their environment. When we support organizations in their growth attempts, we often focus on the highest hierarchy level of the organization; however, the individual with his own decisions, his attitude toward freedom in every position creates the distinction, which leads to a strong impact and deep insights.

When there is synergy between the individual and his surrounding systems, I get goosebumps.

Professional Background

Core Competences

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