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Hintergrund Portraitfoto von Gudrun Gaedke

Gudrun Gaedke

Senior Consultant

Personal Background

I accompany people in their professional and personal development, guided by a love of learning and an interest in the personality of the other. In doing so, I rely on the power of social exchange as equals. I experience the greatest joy when individuals, teams or organizations visibly and successfully use their developed strengths to achieve their professional goals.

As a consultant and business coach, I make my diverse professional experience and interests available in order to lead my clients to more clarity and competence in their specific situation. My foundation for this is a solution and strength-oriented approach, which is characterized by precise observation, structured analysis and the desire for clarification in order to take steps towards a solution.

Professional Background

  • Academic Studies: Law and Knowledge Management
  • Further Education: Resonance Coach, Resilience Management, Positive Leadership
  • Leadership experience in business and academic organizations
  • Certified Online Facilitator and Coach

Core Competences

  • Personnel Diagnostics and Competence Development: Conception and execution of Assessment and Development Centers
  • Design and execution of Trainings, Mentoring Programs and Academic Courses
  • Design of virtual and agile collaboration
  • Online training and facilitation

Product Focus

Leadership diagnostics

  • 360 Degree Feedback
  • Assessment and Development Centers

Leadership development

  • Trainings, Workshop Facilitation
  • Design and implementation of leadership programs
  • Coaching/Team- and Group Coaching

Virtual, hybrid und live

My personal approach ...

Leadership diagnostics

The 360 degree Feedback and Development Center are instruments that provide valuable feedback on leadership behavior when working together. Managers rarely receive such comprehensive feedback from their environment in their daily work as with this structured approach. A goal-oriented interpretation of the data and statements is necessary in order to determine the results that are essential for the person and that offer space for concrete further development steps. The strength of a subsequent coaching lies in the personal accompaniment to support the participant in handling their individual main topics.

Team workshops

Successful teamwork is based on trust, solidarity, and an understanding of a common whole. This common understanding can be created or further developed in a team workshop. The specific occasion provides the framework for an intensive examination of the roles and tasks of each individual and the development of joint procedures with the aim of becoming effective as a team. If the team members manage to enter into an open dialogue, team workshops can make a significant contribution to a strong, unified team culture.

Working in the virtual world

Out of curiosity, I began to dive into the online world early on and used virtual tools in my work and when collaborating with others. It is important to me, on the one hand, to make virtual collaboration trustworthy and effective and, on the other hand, to use engaging and motivating formats. I find it particularly exciting to be involved in the design and (further) development of a new world of work and learning.

My reading recommendations for you

The practical report by Carmen Barmbichler shows the great effects that evaluations and audits can have in virtual space. 

Assessment, Audit und Appraisal online - das geht wirklich

About me

Being in motion is one of the most important resources for my well-being. From it I draw strength, energy and joy. Movement means physical activity, preferably in nature, alone and in community with others, but it also means mental movement through learning, exchange with others, meditation and mindfulness, and finally it means personal development, out of the present into another, new, undiscovered self.

Angela Carmon-Maaßen about me:

I experience Gudrun Gaedke as a valuable colleague and partner, both in joint customer projects and in USP-internal product and team development processes. When she analyzes dynamics and lets them take effect, she radiates calmness and anchoring for me. The derived insights and ideas, which she applies to the point in both diagnostic procedures and development processes, I appreciate, as do her clients, as very reflective and effective. She combines professionalism and her wealth of experience from business and teaching with her appreciative, situation-balancing attitude and a dose of wonderful humor. Although this seems to be a contradiction: I therefore experience Gudrun Gaedke's influence on people and processes as simultaneously reserved and determined.

Gerhard Liska about me:

I appreciate Gudrun Gaedke as a colleague on whom I can rely and with whom I can work as an equal. I particularly admire her reflective and resource-oriented attitude and her extensive wealth of experience in training and development tools. The safe and creative space this creates enables diverse personal as well as professional development. With a high degree of solution orientation and a dash of humor, she also succeeds in providing orientation in muddled situations and thus in motivating anew.