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Hintergrund Portraitfoto von Ludwig Pekarek

Ludwig Pekarek

Senior Consultant

Personal Background

I have been dealing with leadership issues in practice and theory with great enthusiasm for many years. I am fascinated by our world, the times we live in, and the opportunities they offer us. I see the increasing speed with which complexity and dynamics develop in the light of technological change as both a blessing and a touchstone for people and society, but just as much for companies.

I am particularly concerned with the question of the future of work. Where will the creative will of courageous people in open, rapidly growing societies take us? The answer to this question lies in ourselves. I believe that the critical skills in this context are the willingness to change and the ability to think in terms of opportunities.

I draw inspiration and energy from conversations with people who think differently, outside of the box. Their different stories, their life situations and their view of the world invite me to look at topics from alternative angles.

Professional Background

  • Mechanical Engineering (TU Wien/Vienna)
  • More than 20 years international leadership and project management experience (C-Level)
  • Business Coach
  • Apprenticeship for certified  life and social counselling
  • Certified online-workshop coach

Core Competences

  • Strategy formation and implementation projects
  • Organizational and process development projects
  • Leadership Development (industrial sector)
  • Business Coaching

Product Focus

Leadership Diagnostics

  • 360 Degree Feedback and 360 Degree Group Reports
  • Appraisals, assessments, development centers

Leadership Development 

  • Strategy Workshops
  • Team development/-coaching
  • Coaching

Virtual, hybrid and live

My personal approach ...

360 Degree Feedback

Developing a picture of a person from numbers and words and then looking at it together with the feedback recipient often opens up unexpected opportunities for them. Making "blind spots" and accepted potentials transparent can be the trigger for a personal development boost.

Development Centers / Assessments / Appraisals

I consider the detection of people's strengths and potentials from different perspectives to be a "must-have" for staffing and development issues. The chances of success for a goal-oriented development or an effective and satisfying filling of a defined job profile increase with a good potential diagnosis. Internal participants as well as external candidates experience this as a good chance to get involved in a meaningful and motivating way.

Strategy Workshop

In the development of a leadership culture in which power and control are replaced by personal responsibility and trust, a lived strategy takes on the central role. Its significance thereby changes from a mandatory program printed on glossy paper to an elementary management tool.

The working world of the future is emerging from rapidly developing technologies and changing demands of society. That is our reality. I think it is essential that people look for meaningful professional activity and functioning social interaction in this context. Let's look for connections together and sketch an overall picture; my passion for leadership issues and my intuition for change in the world of work can lead to your solution.

My reading recommendations for you 

How you as a leader can help your whole team gain resilience is especially important in times of crisis.

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About me

I'm curious about the world - how it looks, how it works, how people think and live. That's why I like to travel. I am often drawn to cities. There, I am fascinated by history, which is able to explain many attitudes and influences. Moreover, I enjoy nature in its pure form - in the mountains and by the sea. In addition, I find relaxation in the soccer stadium by watching my favorite club together with my wife and sons, or by cooking and enjoying the result afterwards.

Christl Bubik about me:

With his good understanding of challenges and processes in medium-sized companies, Ludwig brings his leadership experience in industry to our team. He enriches our projects with his passion for leadership topics, his critical view, and his ability to get to the heart of complex issues. He puts emphasis on consistently taking the company perspective. As a colleague, I particularly appreciate him for his calmness, his down-to-earth attitude, and his willingness to lend a hand wherever needed.

Angela Carmon-Maaßen about me:

I perceive Ludwig as a consultant who is open to new things. He draws his understanding of challenges in the corporate context from many years of his own experience, while considering them merely as one specific scenario in a world of countless possibilities. Thus, he continuously encourages himself and others to look at situations and options from a variety of perspectives and to derive from them situation-specific and structurally feasible solutions. Ludwig views changes in world events as well as innovations in consulting approaches and technical possibilities with equal parts curiosity and the question of what opportunities can be derived.

I value Ludwig as an experienced leader, questioning consultant, and structured cooperation partner.